“At Last” Debra Rose (Click to play)

Have you ever heard a song on the radio, and it took you back to a very specific time in your life?  You could close your eyes, and hear sounds, smell smells, and feel feelings of days gone by?  Music can do that.  Music is a powerful gift from God, and has tremendous healing powers.

Healing Melodies is targeted to seniors, and was born out of a desire to make a difference in a population that’s often forgotten.  It uses music as therapy to stimulate memory and coordination through motivation, movement and story telling.  I’m witness to the healing powers of music every day, as I see sour faces turn sweet when they sing along to songs from their youth.

hmI’ve sung all over this country and abroad, in night clubs, on military bases, and in Opera and Musical Theater, but the joy I get from my current ministry surpasses anything I’ve done before.

In over 50 facilities (nursing homes, assisted living, independent living) as well as clubs, organizations, senior centers and churches, Healing Melodies has performed all over Northeast Ohio, and has plans to expand in the fall of 2016.  Click here for the calendar of events.

Debra recently added comedy to Healing Melodies, to add a new dimension to her shows.  Click here for more information on the Rose and Alexander Shows.  Don’t worry…you can still book Debra as a solo show!

God is using me in ways that I had never dreamed. He’s given me a gift to be able to choose just the right songs, and present them in just the right way to be a blessing to these precious people. I thank Him and praise Him for that. He has shown me that I can make a difference, at last!

“What a Difference” Debra Rose (click to play/pause)

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